Episode 33: Video Game Fandoms

Slashcast Episode 33 ; Video Game Fandoms – 65.9 MB [2:24:56]
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Host: Elanor of Castile

GLBT NEWS – [00:01:14]
Host: Arie

A Gay Father’s Response to the Boy Scouts


Insider Interview – [00:06:58]
Host: Wook
Guest: David Gaider

David Gaider Addresses the Straight Male Gamer


PIMP MY FANDOM – [00:53:36]
Host: Kriken
Guest: Joasakura [Tumblr][DA][AO3]
Fandom: Mass Effect

LJ Resource: Masseffect LJ community

Fic Rec:
Collector by spicyshimmy
Four Years Later by alishatorn
A Mess You’d Wear With Pride by wook77
Lo Que el Aqua Me Dio by squirrelysemantic
What Kaidan Bought With His Allowance by Prettysemmy
Better Than by Pluto

Art Rec:
Stay Safe by Silvermittt
A Future For the Krogan by dunechampion
Gimme That Jelly by seisei
Across the Sea by Aimo

Vid Rec:
This Is Just Some Trip That We Are On by krestenvid
Guess Who Has a New Hoodie by phunnyneon


Emma Grant reports from Ascendio


META DISCUSSION – [01:26:21]
Host: Wook
Guests: Paul, Wai, and KT
Topic: LGBT inclusion/exclusion in video games

Outlaw Golf – Summer and Autumn
Rumble Roses
Juhani – (TVTropes Warning)
Star Wars The Old Republic
EA shows its support for same sex relationships IRL
Traynor Lesbian Shower Scene in Mass Effect
Cortez mourns his husband in Mass Effect
Forbes Coverage Gets it Wrong (about the only thing they got wrong on the endings In wook’s humble opinion): Homophobia/Mass Effect 3 Ending

Gaymercon: A new convention for LGBT gamers happening in San Francisco next year


MAILBAG – [02:08:52]
Host: Arie with the Slashcast staff

Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin on a boat (Teenwolf)
Louis CK wants to fuck Ewan McGregor
Ewan’s response on Conan O’Brien
Ewan/Louis Twitter interaction 1 Twitter Interaction 2
Dombilly manip shown to the actors
Bookshop’s post about anti-slash sentiment

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– Intro: Play (Intro) by 2NRO8OT
– Breaks: Shiny Spaceship by 8-Bit Ninjas; aaf by Goto80
– Closing: You’re the Top, Lyrics by Cole Porter

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