Episode 41: Fandom Goggles (Even the Kids’ Shows Aren’t Safe!)

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Slashcast Episode 41: Fandom Goggles (Even the Kids’ Shows Aren’t Safe!) – 25.3 MB [01:50:41]
Download directly at Libsyn.
. . . Slashcast on LibsynINTRODUCTION
Host: elanorofcastile

LGBT NEWS – [00:01:10]
Host: wook77


Host: djin7
Guests: tripperfunster aka the Mistress of Squick, Saviour of the Universe.
Topic: “Fandom Goggles (even the kid’s shows aren’t safe!)”

The ‘Mistress of Squick’ discusses her many forays into slashing inappropriate characters for the lulz. Yeah, blame Canada. And hobknockers. The one in which DJ and Tripp laugh their way through Tripp’s very twisted take on how the actual anatomy of a platypus should absolutely be ignored for the purposes of slash Spy Vs Spy pr0n. You heard it here, first. But no Furries, please – we’re Canadian.

tripperfunster on LJ Master List (Art); on Deviant Art and Tumblr.
Tripp’s Tags: Phineas & Ferb Doofenshmirtz; Megamind; Spongebob; A href=”http://tripperfunster.livejournal.com/tag/tick”>The Tick. Many links NSFW.

TV Tropes: Shipping Goggles
TV Tropes: Crack Pairing


PIMP MY FANDOM – [00:46:47]
Host: kriken
Guest: elanorofcastile
Fandom: South Park

Stan/Kyle Ship Manifesto

– South Park tag on AO3

– Artist Ocean0413 on Deviant Art, including the My Little Pony crossover
– Artist Keessa on Tumblr

– Full episode catalog at South Park Studios
– Stan/Kyle “break-up” episodes: S15 E7 and S15 E8
– Stan/Kyle fanvid: You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift


META DISCUSSION – [01:08:57]
Host: elanorofcastile
Guests: stinethepirate, Michelle, Tim
Topic: My Little Pony in all its forms

In which the participants squee and flail over My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and discuss hidden depths in kids’ shows. Eating your cultural vegetables via cartoons, as it were.

Custom ponies for many different fandoms
Shards of Equestria, the tale of a My Little Pony deck for Magic the Gathering


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– Intro: All Grown Up by Gore Gore Girls
– Breaks: Eternal Youth Eternal Fun by Fifty Miles from Vancouver
– Closing: You’re the Top, Lyrics by Cole Porter

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