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Name: burnfor, found on LiveJournal, Archive of Our Own
Where you’ll find me on Slashcast: Behind the scenes, and popping up in random segments
Fandom(s): Harry Potter, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Sherlock (BBC)
When did you get into fandom: 2003 or so
What got you into fandom: For some reason, I wrote a bit of Spirited Away (yep, Hayao Miyazaki) fic six or seven years ago and somehow ended up running into some Harry/Draco slash. I’ve no idea how that happened, but it catapulted me headlong into explicit(ly underaged, on my part) fandom and I never looked back.
Favorite tropes: Some classics – the mouthwatering UST, forced to do X (marriage/bed/heat), fights turning into some fun, awkward and messy first times, wall/door/furniture sex. Mmm.
Favorite fandom memory: Being in a theatre full of legit HP (con) fans watching one of the movies and hearing the giggling and slashy comments throughout.


Name: el_em_en_oh_pee, found on LiveJournal, Tumblr
Where you’ll find me on Slashcast: Metachat, transcriptions, and Mailbag (probably)
Fandom(s): Harry Potter, Glee, Disney Channel RPF/RPS, Hunger Games, crossovers that include one of those with anything else. Occasionally Baby-Sitter’s Club and the O.C.
When did you get into fandom: I first heard about it probably in 2003 or so, and I first became actually involved in 2005.
What got you into fandom: It’s sort of a two-parter: my first exposure when I was a young teen, chatting with strangers I met via Quizilla 😐 One person linked me to a fic on – if I remember correctly, it was a game fandom (Harvest Moon, maybe? Or maybe that was the title). I was just like “oh that’s cool” and promptly forgot about it until about six or seven years ago, when my best friend at the time came up to me in class one day and said, “oh my god, so I was googling Harry Potter to see when the next book comes out and I clicked on a link and it turns out it’s this Harry Potter story where Harry, Ron, and Hermione make a pact to lose their virginities and HARRY LOSES HIS TO DRACO. Isn’t that weird?” Intrigued, I immediately asked for the link, and the rest is history.
Favorite tropes: when good guys go dark, being forced to work together, accidental marriage, almost anything AU, and first times.
Favorite fandom memory: I’m quite active in RPGs, so I would have to say my favorite memories are related to the people I’ve gotten close to through them. Two things in particular come to mind: Talking on Skype for four hours straight, mostly in a nonsense language, and spontaneously applying to a college because an RP friend went there and it was free on the common application, only to fall in love with it during my campus visit and ultimately attend.


Name: elanorofcastile, found on LiveJournal
Where you’ll find me on Slashcast: mostly behind the scenes working on the website, technical aspects, occasional segments
Fandom(s): Hawaii Five-0, Sherlock (BBC, 2009 movie, 2009 RPS), Supernatural, Burn Notice, Star Trek (Reboot), White Collar, Harry Potter, Metalocalypse, Inception, Castle and Marvel Cinematic Universe (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, etc). A bit of Pineapple Express, The Young Ones, Linkin Park RPF, Gundam Wing and Cowboy Bebop have come through along the way.
When did you get into fandom: discovered and started lurking in 2003, became active in 2007
What got you into fandom: I was moderating a Linkin Park message board in 2002/2003 and through one of my co-mods found a parkslash fic site, and the rest was history. I didn’t become active until 2007 when, on a lark, I decided to volunteer to help with the H/D World Cup.
Favorite tropes: curtain/domestic fic, X made them do it, prison fic, creature fic, crazy crossovers (Sherlock/ANTM/Iron Man anyone?), and AUs are my lifeblood
Favorite fandom memory: The awesome feeling of successfully completing an entire month of drabble posting for Nathan/Charles Month at brutalbusiness. It was my first real push to start writing in March 2009 and I felt really welcomed and encouraged by the other comm members.


Name: Emma Grant, found on AO3, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, my personal web site, Tumblr, and Twitter
Where you’ll find me on Slashcast: Insider interviews, Pimp My Fandom, and the Mailbag
Fandom(s): Sherlock BBC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Buffy/Angel, Star Trek 2009, Big Bang Theory
When and how did you get into fandom: I’ve written fanfic for most of my life, but kept it to myself. I didn’t know there were other people who did it until about 10 years ago, when I ran across a reference to fanfic in a Star Wars fan magazine. I googled and the first fic I found was a very explicit slash fic — and I thought, “Holy shit, I have come home at last.” Finding fandom and learning that there were people all over the world who were just as weirdly obsessive as me was one of the best moments of my life!
Favorite tropes: My favorite fics are those where characters get together for the first time. I love all the classic tropes: forced to share a bed/body heat, argument/fight turns into something more, working together to solve a problem makes them see each other in a new light, and so on. I like sex scenes that are awkward, frantic, funny, and messy — and I swoon when the characters are so frantic to get it on that they can’t even get all their clothes off. 😉
Favorite fandom memory: It’s a threeway tie between watching the HP films in the middle of the night in a huge room full of pajama-wearing fans at The Witching Hour (with everyone making hilarious comments), running the Crack Fic panel at Lumos (I laughed so hard I nearly cried!), and dancing my drunk ass off at the Blue Ball at Lubricus. I could name a dozen other moments at various cons that left me deliriously happy to be with fellow fans!


Name: kriken, found on LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, and Twitter
Where you’ll find me on Slashcast: Transcribing and Meta Chatting
Fandom(s): Active – White Collar, Harry Potter. Passive – The Fast and the Furious, Queer as Folk (US), Hikaru no Go
When did you get into fandom: I had a brief stint in ST:Voyager back in 1999/2000, but didn’t dive head first into fandom until 2002 when Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction caught my eye. I didn’t start reading slash until 2003 when I was introduced the wonder that is Queer as Folk (US), but I haven’t looked back since.
What got you into fandom: I was off for the summer, just catching up on the current BtVS episodes that I had missed during the school term and bored when I remembered those old fanfics I used to read… A little bit of googling and the rest, as they say, is history.
Favorite tropes: I don’t think I will ever tire of reading about enemies turned lovers. So much glorious tension!
Favorite fandom memory: Currently, nothing tops my time at Lumos in 2006. It was my second con experience, which means I wasn’t as terminally shy as I was at The Witching Hour and could actually enjoy myself!


Name: wook77, found on LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, Archive of Our Own, Twitter, and Tumblr
Where you’ll find me on Slashcast: LGBT News, Meta talk, Pimp my Fandom, Non-techno
Fandom(s): Harry Potter, Star Trek (2009, TOS), Bioware Games (Dragon Age I/II, Jade Empire, Knights of the Old Republic), Assassin’s Creed, Mark Wahlberg-movies (Departed, Four Brothers, etc), Green Street Hooligans, Boondock Saints, Star Wars, X-Men (Comics and Movie verse(s)), Farscape, Andromeda, Hawaii Five-0, Black Donnellys
When did you get into fandom: January 2004
What got you into fandom: I feel like I’ve always been in fandom. I was really into Dragonlance/Forgotten Realms as a kid and I was writing my own Mary Sue fic back in elementary school to the point where I even binded it up like an actual book. It wasn’t until 2004 when I went online to check out what happens to the player’s character in KOTOR and I discovered the answer in fanfiction. From there, I went onto, went looking for Gambit fic from X-Men and discovered Wolverine/Gambit, my first slash ship. After that, it was all downhill from there with the way that I’ve been devouring since. It was almost a year before I discovered LJ.
Favorite tropes: accidental bonding, AU, friends-to-lovers, mpreg, creature feature (oh god, creature feature with mpreg makes me swoon), angst, character death
Favorite fandom memory: That first “omg, someone else writes it, too” moment but other than that – Lumos in Vegas was amazing. It was my first time meeting fellow fandom folks and I took this amazing cab ride with some of the l00bs from New York. I basically sat in midnitemaraud_r’s lap and we talked about everything, embarrassing the shit out of the cab driver, especially when we talked about “sophisticated cock-tailing” versus “cocktailing” in the ad book in the back of the taxi. It was an amazing start to an amazing convention. Each one after that was also awesome in its own way. I really enjoyed the Deamus get together in San Francisco. Licking armpits in Chicago was another highlight. My first time on a reclist. My first comment. I have a lot of fandom memories that duke it out for favorite.

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