Episode 32: RPF Fandoms

Slashcast Episode 32 ; RPF Fandoms – 55.8 MB [2:02:38]
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Host: Elanor of Castile

GLBT NEWS – [00:01:13]
Host: Wook

Salvation Army Official: Put Gays to Death


Insider Interview – [00:04:51]
Host: Emma Grant
Guest: Helens

Helens’ fic on AO3
Helens’ Podfic
Fassbender/Piggy story
The Establishment RPG
RPF tag on AO3
An Admirable Solution by Speranza
loobeeinthesky’s artwork


PIMP MY FANDOM – [00:39:56]
Host: Kriken
Guest: Elanor of Castile
Topic: RPF

Fic Communities
AO3 Fandom Category: Celebrities and Real People
Linkin Park Archive: LPFiction
Sherlock RPF (all franchises): holmes-rpf LJ community
J2 Big Bang: spn_j2_bigbang LJ community

Tumblr Tags
Avengers, Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston: hiddlesworth
Sherlock, Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law: rdjudesie

RDJ/Jude faux-kiss
Avengers Cast being adorable

Fic Recs
[Avengers, RDJ/Evans] Playing With the Big Boys Now by fictionalcandie
[Thor, Gen] A Total Precursor by newredshoes
[Avengers, Hemsworth/Hiddleston] Put the Load Onto Me by Fickle_Obsessions
[Sherlock, Benedict/Martin] The Scene Is Now by ideal_girl
[QI, [Stephen Fry/Alan Davies] Snips and Snails and Fuzzy Blue Whales by leupagus & queenklu


Treewishes reports from Con.Txt


META DISCUSSION – [01:11:56]
Host: Arie
Guests: Rubytuesday5681, Elterriblefizzy, and Valiant
Topic: RPF
Easy_academy LJ community
Fanlore Account on RPF


MAILBAG – [01:41:32]
Host: Arie with the Slashcast staff

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– Intro: Reality Bites by Emerald Park
-Breaks: Objective Reality by MUTE
– Closing: You’re the Top, Lyrics by Cole Porter

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